About APU

**Asia Photographers Union**
~ Bridging Friendship and Promoting excellence in photography ~

Asia Photographers Union (APU) has a strong subscriber base of 8000 photographers from different parts of the world.

Photographers are welcome to join APU as a Life member. APU Life Membership details can be found here.

APU has appointed Country Ambassador in many Asian countries to complement APU’s efforts in bridging friendship and promoting goodwill in photography through the various photography projects such as exhibitions, salons, photo shoots and seminars.

APU strives to promote excellence in photographic art, notably through its Associateship and Fellowship distinctions which recognise photographic excellence. Photographers could showcase their talents in their chosen field of photography by submitting a set of their works that represents their artistic skills and photography style.

APU organises annually the APU Four Seasons salons which are fully recognised by the Photographic Society of America.

APU also organises the annual Raffles Photo Awards

APU runs the annual Golden Dragon Photo Awards where all the gold awards from the 48 salons in Asia Super 12 Circuits (AS12C), APU Four Seasons and Raffles Photo Awards are judged at the end of the season to select the best from the Gold awards to be conferred the Golden Dragon Photo Awards. This is widely recognised as the Gold of the Gold standard.

The Master Exhibitor of Asia Photographers Union (MEAPU) is a coveted, closely contested honor conferred to the top 10 scorers in AS12C.

APU recognises the achievements of its members who took part in international salons with its APU Salon titles. Photographers with selected PSA ROPA distinctions or with FIAP honors can apply for APU Salon titles here.

The Asia Photo Festival in winter of 2020 will be the first of its kind using an online platform, knowing no boundaries, sharing some of the best photography throughout Asia as well as invited photographers from outside Asia.

APU seeks out good talents in photography through the recommendations from the various country APU ambassadors, providing them with opportunities to further their interest in photographic art and bringing them to the next level of photographic excellence, eventually becoming the next generation of photography judges or excellent practitioner.