Apply APU Salon Title Holder

APU recognises the effort and achievements of photographers who take part in international photography salons. APU is also in full support of the salons recognised by The Photographic Society of America (PSA) and International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP). Salon photographers may apply for APU Salon titles after gaining PSA’s ROPA titles or FIAP salon titles. Only members of APU shall apply for the APU Salon titles.

APU Salon Title Actual name of title Pre-requisite
PAPU Proficient Exhibitor of APU PPSA
BAPU Bronze Exhibitor of APU EPSA or AFIAP
SAPU SAPU Silver Exhibitor of APU MPSA
GAPU GAPU Gold Exhibitor of APU GMPSA or EFIAP

Submission requirements:

  • PDF or JPEG scanned copy of the PSA or FIAP certificate, each not more than 5MB.
  • Head and Shoulder Photograph of the applicant, 768pi (H) x 554px (L) JPEG.
  • Payment for application via Paypal.
  • USD$50 per application.